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For one, we blog weekly!

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But the content that is updated most frequently and keeps the site at its freshest is our news, which is featured on the home page and under all of what we call our topic centers (such as World Regions and Regulation/Policy). You might be surprised to learn that in 2013 the Hydro Group editors  — with online editor Michael Harris leading the charge and doing the majority of the heavy lifting — added a whopping 1,308 news stories to! That’s an average of 5 stories every working day.

However, at that pace, even the best/hottest stories quickly get relegated to second or third page status as new content takes top billing. That’s one reason why we like to take a look back and see the most-read stories of the preceding year. That and it’s a great reminder of the big news stories, and it helps us know what our readers are most interested in seeing.

The top 10 news stories in 2013, listed below, each were seen by more than 1,000 unique visitors, with the top story reaching nearly 2,400 unique visitors.

The 2013 Top 10 Articles list is below, with my brief commentary on each piece:

1.       Obama signs hydroelectric power bills; H.R. 267 and 678 now federal law

August 2013: The passage of these two pieces of legislation in August 2013 provided a considerable morale boost for the hydropower community in the U.S. This story was also shared 80 times through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which likely boosted it to the top spot.

2.       U.S. House passes hydropower energy policy with unanimous vote

February 2013: This legislation was one of the earlier signs of the tide change coming with regard to hydropower-favorable legislation in the U.S., particularly notable because of the unanimous vote of approval it received.

3.       Hydroelectric power and infrastructure developer MWH Global opens Ethiopia office

April 2013: OK, this one I’m having a bit of a hard time explaining without talking to the people who clicked on it. Yes, it features MWH Global and Ethiopia. My best guess is that the popularity of this story reflects the interest in hydropower development in Africa.

4.       Southeast Asia’s largest hydroelectric power facility inaugurated

December 2012: The 2,400-MW Son La plant on the Da River in Vietnam was completed in 2012, after a total of seven years of construction. Notably, the plant was constructed and designed by Vietnamese engineers.

5.       Supreme Court ruling has significant implications for hydro power industry

January 2013: Clean Water Act issues are always of interest to hydro project owners and operators, and this article was no exception. Luckily, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held that discharge from hydropower plants does not qualify as the “discharge of a pollutant” under the CWA.

6.       Chinese environmental ministry approves massive Shuangjiangkou hydropower project

May 2013: This is another huge project being planned for China, at 20,000 MW. If it is built, the dam will be the country’s tallest at 1,030 feet and one of the largest hydro plants in the world in terms of generating capacity.

7.       China’s Three Gorges hydroelectric project sets new production record

January 2013: I remember when the 22,500-MW Three Gorges project was still under construction. It was fascinating then and still is now. It is amazing when a single hydro facility produces 98.1 billion kWh of electricity in a year!

8.       Senate committee approves Obama’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior

March 2013: This was our first report on potential new head of the U.S. Department of the Interior Sally Jewell (confirmed in April), who has an unusual background as president and chief executive officer of an outdoor equipment company.

9.       Work on 40,000-MW Grand Inga to begin in October 2015, Congo says

May 2013: The popularity of this story is likely a reflection of the interest in development of large facilities, as well as the controversy surrounding a project of unprecedented size.

10.   Flooding continues in central Europe

June 2013: This article was unique in that HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide chief editor David Appleyard happened to be “on the ground” in Vienna, Austria, while the flooding was occurring and could offer a firsthand account of the effects.

So there you have it. Ten great stories that encapsulate the big hydropower-related news from 2013. If you haven’t looked at these yet, you might want to take some time now.

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