Malawi seeks feasibility studies of 20-MW Chimgonda, 140-MW Mpatamanga hydro projects

Malawi’s Ministry of Energy invites expressions of interest from consultants to conduct feasibility studies of the 20- to 50-MW Chimgonda and 140- to 310-MW Mpatamanga hydroelectric projects. Responses are due January 15, 2014.

The government received a grant and credit from the World Bank’s International Development Association to finance the Energy Sector Support Project. A portion of the funding is to be used for the Chimgonda project on the Dwambazi River in Nkbotakota District and the Mpatamanga project on the Shire River in Mwaza District.

The Ministry of Energy recruited consultants in November for a social and environmental assessment of the 100- to 175-MW Fufu hydroelectric project on South Rukuru River.  It also recruited consultants in September for a feasibility study of the 160- to 370-MW Kholombidzo hydro project on the Shire River. The government of Malawi issued several tenders in recent months for water resources-related work including a call for study of Kholombidzo.

The ministry now seeks consultants to conduct a pre-feasibility assessment of technical and economic viability of the Chimgonda and Mpatamanga projects, including concept engineering design, and to undertake a preliminary environmental and social impact assessment of the projects. An optional second phase is planned based on the preliminary studies that would produce a full feasibility study and separate full environmental-social impact assessment.

Expressions of interest, labeled “Expression of Interest for Consulting Services to Conduct Feasibility Studies for the Proposed Chimgonda and Mpatamanga Hydropower Projects,” are due by 2 p.m. January 15 in the tender box or by e-mail to Chairman, Internal Procurement Committee, Ministry of Energy, Capital Hill, Private Bag 350, Lilongwe 3 Malawi; (265) 1789488; Fax: (265) 1788689; E-mail:

For information, Contact Project Coordinator, Energy Sector Support Project, Private Bag 350, Lilongwe 3 Malawi; (265) 1771954; Fax: (265) 1770094; E-mail:,

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