Mangahao hydropower project replacement runner contract awarded

Mace Engineering Limited has entered into an agreement with the Mangahao Joint Venture to design and build a replacement runner and ancillary items for the Mangahao Power Station.

The hydropower plant is located near Shannon in the Manawatu, New Zealand. Todd Energy is responsible for operating the Mangahao hydro plant, which it acquired in 1997 in a joint venture with King Country Energy. The Mangahao hydro project has a total installed capacity of 38 megawatts.

The project involves modelling a new runner design and manufacturing the runner, wicket gates and seals. Hydroworks Ltd. is the subcontractor for the design and CFD modelling, and Mace Engineering will be machining and manufacturing all the components for the runner. PB Power is the project engineering company.

Installation and commissioning is expected in late 2012.

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