Manitoba Hydro names Alstom to refurbish 224-MW Kelsey

Manitoba Hydro has awarded a contract to Alstom to upgrade five generators at the utility’s 224-MW Kelsey hydroelectric project, on the Nelson River in northern Manitoba.

Alstom said it will supply new stator windings and new pole windings to be manufactured, installed, and commissioned by its hydro unit in Tracy, Quebec. The first unit will be shut down in October and returned to service in April 2007.

Alstom said it will increase the rating of the generator stators to 50 megavolt-amperes from 37.5 MVa, an increase of 33 percent. It also will improve the reliability, efficiency, and operating life of generator windings and poles.

Although the value of the contract was not disclosed, Manitoba Hydro said it has budgeted a total of C$165 million (US$148.3 million) for generator and other overhaul work.

Alstom replaces turbines under earlier contract

Manitoba Hydro named Alstom in 2003 to design and supply replacement turbines for Kelsey. The first of those is being manufactured and soon will be shipped, Alstom said. Manitoba Hydro placed the base value of that contract at $C18 million (US$16.2 million).

The utility anticipates the combined generator and turbine work will increase the plant’s overall generating capacity by 84 MW.

There are seven generating units at the Kelsey project, which was built between 1957 and 1961 to supply International Nickel Co. mining and smelting operations. Manitoba Hydro is analyzing whether it is economical to overhaul the remaining two units.

The utility also is reviewing bids for civil construction associated with the overhaul of as many as seven units. It identified six companies eligible to tender for that work: Armcon Ltd., Arnason Industries Ltd., Di-Tech International Inc., Kiewit Management Co., Pcl Constructors Canada Inc., and Vector Construction Group.

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