Mavel adds new micro hydro turbine to TM line

Global manufacturer Mavel has announced the addition of a new modular micro hydro turbine to its “TM” line the introduction of its TM8 model.

Mavel said each unit can generate between 20 kW and 100 kW of electricity and are designed for installation on low-head facilities such as weirs and irrigation systems without the need for an enclosed powerhouse.

Each TM8 includes a Kaplan-type runner with four manually-adjustable blades, an 850 mm runner diameter, an operational head of two to five meters, and a flow of 52 to 106 cubic feet per second.

Other models in Mavel’s micro turbine line include the TM3, TM5 and TM10, which have been installed at more than 60 sites around the world.

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