Mavel receives contract in U.S., announces final commissioning of Italian small hydroelectric plant

Mavel Americas Inc. has received an order for a Kaplan turbine for the 145-kW Crocker Pond small hydroelectric plant in Massachusetts.

The purchase contract, signed with owner Whitman River Dam Inc., includes one Mavel horizontal Kaplan S turbine and related equipment. The powerhouse has a nominal head of 11.7 meters and a flow of 60 cubic feet per second (cfs). The turbine, model KS560K5, has a 560 mm runner diameter and five runner blades. It is double-regulated and will be connected to the generator via a flexible coupling.

In addition, Mavel will provide a hydraulic power unit, horizontal asynchronous generator, and the electrical controls and switchgear.

Crocker Pond is on the Whitman River in Westminster, Mass. Construction begins this summer, and commissioning is expected in 2017, Mavel says.

In other news, Mavel a.s. in the Czech Republic announced the final commissioning of the 4.1-MW Alba hydroelectric plant in Italy.

Alba, in Santa Vittoria d’Alba on the Tanaro River in the Piedmont Region of Northwest Italy, features a powerhouse containing two Mavel Kaplan PIT turbines designed to utilize head of 5.9 meters and total flow of 80 cfs. The turbines have runner diameter of 2,500 mm and feature four runner blades.

Mavel also provided synchronous generators, gearboxes, heat exchangers, assembly at site and commissioning.

The facility is owned by Egea P.T.S.r.l. and was originally commissioned in 2015. However, flooding damaged the facility and the powerplant was put back into operation in June 2016.

Mavel is a Czech/American owned and managed supplier of Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and TM Modular Micro Turbines from 30 kW to 30-plus MW. Over the past 25 years, the company has installed or signed contracts for more than 475 turbines at more than 300 sites in 36 countries.

Mavel Americas Inc. is exhibiting at HydroVision International, July 26-29 in Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.

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