Modernization increases RusHydro’s installed capacity by 29 MW

RusHydro announced its modernization program has increased total installed capacity by 29 MW, and as of Dec. 1, the total combined output at the modernized facilities is 38.6 GW. This includes 100-MW Gotsatlinskaya hydropower project, commissioned October 2015, on the Avarskoye Koisu River in Dagestan, Russia, near the Caspian Sea.

RusHydro plans to replace all units that have an expired service life during its comprehensive modernization program scheduled for completion in 2025.

According to RusHydro, the following list includes the current increased total installed capacity at its modernized hydroelectric facilities:

– 2,639.5-MW Volzhskaya was increased by 10.5 MW;
– 2,383-MW Zhigulevskaya was increased by 10.5 MW;
– 546-MW Kamskaya was increased by 3 MW; and
– 460-MW Novosibirskaya was increased by 5 MW.

According to the company, the modernization program for its generation fleet — through 2025 — provides for replacing 55% of turbines, 42% of generators and 61% of transformers.

RusHydro said its modernization will result in significant reliability, efficiency and security improvements of its generating facilities. Compared to 2011, the company’s increase in installed capacity will be 779 MW. At the conclusion of its modernization program, RusHydro said it expects to have the ability to generate 1375.6 GW.

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