Mozambique seeks hydraulic, flood study of Limpopo River Basin

Mozambique’s national water directorate invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform a hydraulic and flood study of the Limpopo River Basin in Mozambique. Responses are due January 29.

Direccao Nacional de Aguas (DNA) recruited consultants in August to plan dam design and construction for multiple uses, possibly including power generation. It recruited consultants in April to help monitor international river control agreements and to serve as hydro-mechanical specialist on a water resources development expert panel. Mozambique has been rehabilitating Massingir Dam on the Olifants River, a tributary of the Limpopo.

With funding requested from the World Bank’s International Development Agency, Direccao Nacional de Aguas now invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform an in-depth hydraulic assessment of flood behavior along the Limpopo Basin, hydrological analysis of historical floods and geomorphological dynamic, as well as effects of climate change on the flow regime. The information is to produce planning information including redesign of the dike system and flood control structures and other infrastructure with effects on flood routing.

Expressions of interest are due by 2 p.m. January 29 to the address below. For information, contact Direccao Nacional de Aguas (DNA), Departamento de Recursos Hidricos (DRH), Projecto Nacional de Desenvolvimento de Recursos Hidricos (PNDRH1), Rua da Imprensa, 162, First Floor, Maputo, Mozambique; (258) 213-02129; Fax: (258) 213-02130; E-mail: pndrh1@dnaguas/


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