MWH Global Chairman and CEO to share insight at upcoming hydroelectric power event

MWH Global Chairman and CEO Alan J. Krause will serve as a keynote speaker for HydroVision International, the world’s largest hydroelectric power conference and exhibition, sharing his insight gained from decades of experience working in the global hydropower industry.

“The clean, reliable energy provided by hydropower is helping people in need around the world,” Krause said. “I truly believe we are building a better world with hydropower.”

Under Krause’s leadership, MWH Global has increased its presence to more than 30 countries on six continents, with a focus on developing hydroelectric resources in a responsible manner.

“Hydropower has been a part of the MWH history for nearly 100 years, allowing us to develop the experience needed to design and build sustainable projects,” Krause said. “With the current stress on our environment and natural resources — especially water — a sustainable energy approach is critical.”

Included in MWH’s portfolio are contributions to China’s Three Gorges, Pakistan’s Ghazi Barotha and Kurram Tangi, Venezuela’s Caruachi, Iceland’s Karahnjukar, Ethiopia’s Tekeze and Alaska’s Susitna-Watana hydropower projects. The company has also provided design services for the Panama Canal extension project.

“Hydropower provides a clean renewable energy source, while also providing lasting social-economic benefits,” Krause said. “Our work in developing countries such as Pakistan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Nepal has uplifted entire communities.”

Krause joined MWH in 1997, when he merged his natural resources business, TerraMatrix, with what was then known as Montgomery Watson. He then played a significant role in the integration of Harza Engineering Co. with Montgomery Watson in 2001, forming MWH.

Since then, Krause has held numerous executive positions within the organization, including president of MWH’s natural resources, industry and infrastructure sector.

Krause was named president and chief operating officer in 2008 before succeeding previous chairman and CEO Robert B. Uhler in November 2011.

Krause’s keynote address will take place at HydroVision International 2013 at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, July 23. In his address, he will share his views about:

  • Emerging ideas, themes, trends, and approaches in new project development throughout the world;
  • Hydro-related business risks, rewards, changes, and outlook;
  • Specific roles that politics and technology advances play in making hydro viable;
  • The future role of ocean/tidal/stream power technology; and
  • His “vision” for hydro’s future.

“We’re excited to be working with Mr. Krause to bring to the HydroVision International attendees a comprehensive market overview report,,” said Marla Barnes, publisher of Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines, the flagship media sponsors of the HydroVision event. “Alan’s insight and perspective on the global hydropower market, including facts and trends relevant to the industry-at-large, will help all of us better understand the critical issues affecting the business of hydroelectric power generation now and in the future.”

For more information about the event, or to register as an attendee, visit

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