National Hydropower Association joins other energy advocates to push renewables before COP21

Industry leaders from the hydroelectric power, biomass and geothermal sectors have banded together in urging Secretary of State John Kerry to support a multi-faceted renewables policy in advance of the upcoming Conference of Parties in Paris.

The letter — signed by the National Hydropower Association, Biomass Power Association and Geothermal Energy Association — notes that the three technologies combine 86% of the world’s renewable power and are expected to continue growing.

“As baseload renewable power technologies, our industries are particularly critical to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and we encourage Sec. Kerry to recognize the contributions our industries are making to fight climate change, NHA Executive Director Linda Church Ciocci said.

Hydropower leads the way as the top green source in each of the world’s top five renewable energy-producing countries — those being China, the United States, Brazil, Canada and Russia.

Though biomass and geothermal generation still trail, the letter said each still has a significant role as “enhancing the grid and grid-connected technologies is important today and will continue be important in the future.”

The Conference of Parties, or “COP21”, takes place Dec. 7-8 in Paris and represents a significant opportunity for policy and thought leaders to discuss global climate initiatives and policy.

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