Nepal firm seeks partners to develop hydro project portfolio

A Nepal investment firm invites companies to participate as partners or as full owners of a portfolio of Nepal hydropower projects ranging from 5 MW to 400 MW.

Clean Securities Investment and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. said it holds feasible hydropower projects in Nepal with road access, good hydrology and geology, and optimum head and discharge.

“It is well known that Nepal is in serious crisis of electricity despite the fact that it is the second richest country in water,” Clean Securities Managing Director Hari Kumar Shrestha said. “Only the Nepalese government or the people cannot explore the potential of water on their own. So, the foreign investment is crucial for the development of the hydropower projects here in Nepal.” (HydroWorld 6/29/09)

Clean Securities offered investors partnership or transfer of full ownership of hydro projects ranging from 5 MW to 400 MW, according to Nepal law. The firm offered to help investors obtain: finance ministry permission to bring in their investments, licenses for surveys, power purchase agreements, and completion of projects.

It said costs to complete a small project range from 140 million to 180 million rupees (US$1.9 million to US$2.4 million) per MW, and less for larger projects. It said small projects can be completed in two years, while larger projects take three to seven years.

Power purchase agreements are carried out by the government of Nepal at a standard rate of 7 rupees (9.4 U.S. cents) per kW in the dry season and 4 rupees (5.4 U.S. cents) in the wet season. Clean Securities said the government has given income gain tax free for projects completed within 2014.

Clean Securities invited investors to contact it with the size projects in which they are interested. The firm said it would provide details of appropriate projects. As an example, the firm listed the 250-MW Bheri Diversion project on the Bheri River in the Karnali River Basin.

For information, contact Managing Director Hari Kumar Shrestha, Clean Securities Investment and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal; (977) 1-6207993, (977) 98-51001409; E-mail:,

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