Nevada water group seeks turbine-generator suppliers for new hydro

Clean Water Coalition of Nevada seeks letters of interest from turbine-generator suppliers who could equip a new hydroelectric project. Responses are due Nov. 20.

CWC, a joint powers authority located in the Las Vegas area, includes Clark County Water Reclamation District and the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. It is planning and designing the Systems Conveyance and Operation Program (SCOP), a regional system to transport treated wastewater from the member agencies to an outfall location in Lake Mead.

As part of the SCOP project, CWC anticipates building a 16-MW hydropower plant in 2010 on a transport tunnel to be built on National Park Service land that would utilize the drop in elevation from the treatment plant to Lake Mead.

The coalition is attempting to identify vendors and suppliers who could provide a turbine and generator package for use in design and construction of the plant. While not issuing a solicitation for bids, CWC seeks to identify potential vendors and suppliers for final design of the hydro plant and other facilities.

CWC seeks vendors and suppliers with experience and capability to design and manufacture packaged turbines and generators as follows:
o Two horizontal Francis turbines, rated head of 367 feet, rated discharge of 300 cfs per turbine, rated speed selected by turbine supplier, tailwater elevation of 1,262 feet;
o Turbine operating head range of 240-400 feet;
o Turbine discharge at runaway speed within 8 percent of discharge under load;
o Turbine efficiency at rated conditions, 90 percent minimum;
o Two horizontal synchronous generators, generator output of 9 megavolt-amperes at rated power factor, generator voltage selected by generator supplier, generator rated power factor of 0.9.

The turbine supplier must have a model test facility and must have designed turbines for five projects of similar specific speeds in the last five years. The generator supplier shall have designed generators on five projects having similar capacity and speed in the last ten years.

Interested parties should fax or mail a letter of interest by Nov. 20 to Clean Water Coalition, 150 N. Stephanie St., No. 130, Henderson, NV 89074; Fax: (1) 702-319-4445. It should include any marketing materials describing the firm’s capabilities as well as responses to a list of equipment specifications that may be obtained from the contact below.

For information, contact Don Froehlich, P.E., (1) 702-319-4433; Fax: (1) 702-319-4445; E-mail:


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