Nicaragua reissues call to equip 300-kW Florid

Nicaragua’s Ministerio de Energia y Minas has reissued a solicitation for bids to equip the 300-kW Florida hydroelectric project at Waslala, in Nicaragua’s Region Autonoma Atlantico Norte Department. Bids now are due February 9, 2010.

The ministry previously called for bids by October 30, 2009. (HydroWorld 10/9/09) With funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the United Nations Development Program, the government seeks bids under a program for development of small-scale hydropower in areas not currently served by Nicaragua’s transmission grid. The energy and mines ministry called in July 2009 for feasibility studies and final design of four small hydro projects under the program.

The ministry now seeks bids from companies specializing in manufacture and installation of small hydropower equipment. The Florida project contract does not include civil works.

Bid documents may be obtained until January 25 by e-mail request to Coordinador del Proyecto Ing. Ivan Ortega at the address below, with copies to Ing. Elias Juarez and Lic. Aura Maria Gonzalez.

Bids, in Spanish, are due by 10 a.m. February 9. For information, contact Ministerio de Energia y Minas, Ing. Ivan Ortega, Coordinador del Proyecto, Del Hospital Bautista, 1 cuadra abajo, 120 varas al Lago, Managua, Nicaragua; E-mail:;,

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