Niger Basin to seek rehab bids for 760-MW Kainji, 540-MW Jebba

The Niger Basin authority plans to seek bids for a Niger Basin water resources program that includes rehabilitation of the 760-MW Kainji and 540-MW Jebba hydroelectric projects.

On behalf of member states Benin, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria, Autorite du Bassin du Niger (ABN) plans to seek bids for three components of the program:
o Component 1: Reinforcement of institutions and capacities of ABN;
o Component 2: Rehabilitation, optimization, and development of regional infrastructures, including rehabilitation of the Kainji and Jebba dams and power plants (HNN 1/25/08);
o Component 3: sustainable management of degraded ecosystems and rehabilitation of small hydraulic infrastructures.

In 2007, the World Bank’s International Development Association approved a total of US$186 million for the work. Nigeria previously said US$113 million would be used to restore Kainji’s capacity from the current 560 MW, while US$11.6 million would be used to bring Jebba up to capacity. The plants, which are crucial to supply Benin and Niger, fell into disrepair during Nigeria’s military period, the bank said.

Solicitations for goods and services under World Bank guidelines are to be published as available. Firms who want to be included on an invitation list to prospective bidders are invited to contact the address below.

For information, contact Autorite du Bassin du Niger, Avenue du Fleuve Ancien Plateau, BP 729, Niamey, Niger; (227) 20-723102; Fax: (227) 20-724208; E-mail:

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