Nigeria approves funds to refurbish 760-MW Kainji, 540-MW Jebba

Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council has approved the allocation of its share of a World Bank credit to rehabilitate the 760-MW Kainji and 540-MW Jebba hydroelectric projects in the Niger River Basin.

In July, the World Bank’s International Development Association approved a total of US$186 million to Nigeria and four other countries on the Niger River main stem: Benin US$9 million, Mali US$18 million, Guinea US$9 million, and Niger US$15 million. (HNN 7/5/07)

News Agency of Nigeria reported Information Minister John Odey said US$113 million would be used to increase Kainji’s capacity from the current 560 MW. He said US$11.6 million would be used to bring the Jebba project up to capacity. The plants, which are crucial to supply Benin and Niger, fell into disrepair during Nigeria’s military period, the bank said.

The World Bank approved a total US$500 million credit to develop Niger Basin water resources, including aid to rehabilitate the hydro projects. The program is to achieve a sustainable increase in water resources productivity, boost hydropower generation, and foster economic growth in the riparian countries.

The total program includes rehabilitation, optimization, and development of regional water infrastructure including the strategic selection and planning of new dams.

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