Norway developer seeks hydro generator manufacturers

Norway hydro developer Smakraft AS seeks proposals from generator manufacturers to supply equipment for its portfolio of small hydroelectric projects. Responses are due October 8.

Established in 2002, the Bergen-based Smakraft builds and operates small environmentally friendly run-of-river hydro projects. It has 23 projects in operation and another 10 under construction.

Smakraft said it has signed another 200 contracts with landowners to develop their waterfalls, equivalent to 2,300 gigawatt-hours. It plans to develop about 10 projects per year.

The developer seeks framework agreements to develop long-term relationships with suppliers. It seeks synchronous generators for use mostly with Pelton and Francis turbines.

Smakraft plans framework agreements with a maximum of two firms for two years beginning in 2011, with options to extend twice for periods of two years each. With a total scope of supply at about 10 units per year, Smakraft said estimated cost would be between 115 million and 120 million kroner (US$18.75 million and US$19.5 million).

Tender documents may be obtained from the address below. Requests to participate, in English or Norwegian, are due to the address below by noon October 8.

For information, contact Tina Rasmussen, Smakraft AS, Postboks 7050, 5020 Bergen, Norway; (47) 55127333; Fax: (47) 55127001; E-mail:; Internet:

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