Norway firm seeks turbine-generator, new plant for 19-MW Vittingfoss

Norway generator Ringeriks-Kraft Produksjon AS invites separate applications for pre-qualification to supply a turbine, a generator, and construction of a new powerhouse at the 19-MW Vittingfoss hydroelectric project. Responses are due June 27.

Ringeriks-Kraft issued a similar solicitation in 2008. It recruited a designer in 2007 for at least one Kaplan turbine-generator set for Vittingfoss.

The firm has a site license to add a new Unit 5 of between 8 and 16 MW at the run-of-river plant in Buskerud County. It said it plans a new surface powerhouse for an expansion at the side of the existing powerhouse.

In one solicitation, it seeks a vertical Kaplan turbine designed for a head of 19.5 meters and total flow of 65 to 80 cubic meters per second. Estimated value is between 25 million and 35 million kroner (US$4.68 million and US$6.5 million).

In a second solicitation, it seeks a three-phase 50-Hz generator to be directly run by the turbine. That contract’s estimated value is between 25 million and 30 million kroner (US$4.68 million and US$5.6 million).

In a third solicitation, it seeks a new powerhouse alongside the existing plant. Work is to include demolition of the existing dam and concrete works in connection with a new dam. That contract’s estimated value is between 35 million and 50 million kroner (US$6.5 million and US$9.3 million).

Documents for each solicitation may be obtained from the address below. To register interest and to obtain further information, visit the Doffin Web Site at for the turbine, for the generator, and for the powerhouse.

Applications for pre-qualification in Norwegian are due by noon June 27. Ringeriks-Kraft plans to name short-lists of firms to be invited to bid for all three contracts.

For information, contact Odd A. Rovang, Multiconsult AS, Postboks 2345, 3003 Drammen, Norway; (47) 21585000; E-mail:

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