Carnegie Wave Energy hoping for governmental funding

Carnegie Wave Energy in western Australia is poised to make waves in the marine and hydrokinetic industry after requesting funding from the federal government’s Clean Energy Future Fund to push forward its newest technology.

Carnegie has developed a wave power generation system called CETO. The system is fully submerged and utilizes the vertical motion of waves to drive a pump, which delivers pressurized water to an onshore turbine via a submerged pipeline.

“Australia, with its world class energy resource, and its world class offshore engineering expertise from the oil and gas sector, has a unique opportunity to actually grab and own a renewable energy sector and exploit it, and actually be seeing this as an opportunity to generate jobs and revenue for the country going forward,” said Carnegie Chief Executive Officer Michael Ottaviano.

Australia would be the first country to use the technology in a commercial setting, Carnegie says. reported in April that the company had been awarded a grant to support a project near Australia’s Garden Island.

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