Ojibway Power to launch environmental review of two Ontario sites

Ojibway Power and Energy Group is preparing to seek environmental approvals for the 5-MW High Falls and 4.6-MW Hay Rapids hydro projects on the Namakan River near St. Frances.

Ojibway, a partnership of the Lac LaCroix Community of the Anishinaabe Nation and Chant Construction Ltd. of Aurora, Ontario, did not specify when the process would begin. However, it said it hopes to begin construction in 2007 and complete work by early 2009. The projects are expected to cost C$40 million (US$35.6 million).

Ojibway is general partner of Nagaquon Lake Hydro Development L.P., the development company for both projects.

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources named Ojibway “applicant of record” for three sites in January, allowing it to pursue the environmental approval process. However, Ojibway said it would postpone the process for the third site, 3.5- to 4-MW Myrtle Falls, while it gathers environmental data.

Projects to benefit Lac LaCroix Community

Ninety percent of the proceeds from project development are to flow into the Lac LaCroix Community, Chief Leon Jourdain said. The projects will facilitate training in construction trades, engineering, and hydroelectric operations for community members. Jourdain said the projects ultimately would provide a foundation for economic stability that the community lacks.

The First Nation conducted a ceremony in June, formally creating the partnerships and allowing hydro development on the Namakan River on lands co-managed by Lac LaCroix and the province.

For information, contact Tim Seville, Project Manager, Chant Construction, 226 Edward St. East, Suite 2, Aurora, Ontario L4G 3S8 Canada; (1) 905-726-8321; E-mail: tim@chantconstruction.com.

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