One group qualifies to study Argentina’s 90-MW Portezuelo del Viento

Officials of Argentina’s Mendoza Province say they are pleased with the sole qualified bid received from consultants to perform studies and preparatory work to develop the 90-MW Portezuelo del Viento hydroelectric project on Argentina’s Rio Grande.

Officials opened a bid June 7 from a consortium of Ingetec SA Ingenieros Consultores of Colombia and Inconas SA and Jaime Lande y Asociados SA of Argentina. The group bid 14.08 million pesos (US$4.57 million). The only other offer received, from Iatasa Ingenieros Consultores and Intertechne Consultores Asociados, failed to qualify for the opening of economic bids.

Mendoza Infrastructure Undersecretary Carlos Santilli said the officials were content with the bid even though it exceeded the 11.49 million pesos (US$3.73 million) budgeted for the work. Santilli said the bid is reasonable once the budget amount, from last year, is updated.

The bid is to be submitted to a pre-award commission for review.

The province seeks a consultant for economic and technical feasibility studies, basic studies, project execution, and development of solicitation documents for construction of the estimated 1 billion peso (US$324 million) project. (HNN 12/15/06)

Portezuelo del Viento is to include a 90-MW powerhouse at the dam toe to generate 650 gigawatt-hours per year. It would feature a 151-meter-tall, 510-meter-long concrete-faced rockfill dam and three 30-MW Francis turbine-generators.

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