Ontario calls for renewables totaling 500 MW

Ontario Power Authority seeks proposals offering 500 MW from new renewable energy projects with capacities greater than 10 MW, including new and expanded hydropower projects. Proposals are due Oct. 28.

Bidders must register by Sept. 4. Information on how to register for the solicitation (RES RFP III), is included in the solicitation, which can be obtained from OPA’s generation procurement Internet site, www.powerauthority.on.ca/gp.

Bidding will mark the first phase of a renewable energy procurement process intended to combat climate change by adding 2,000 MW of new green power to Ontario’s electricity supply, the province’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said. (HNN 11/15/07)

Parties may submit proposals for contract facilities with a capacity of 10.1 MW to 199.9 MW. For hydroelectric proposals, sponsors should have at least one year of reliable stream flow data that supports a comprehensive hydrology assessment of the proposed project’s availability. Sponsors also should have ten or more years of highly correlated representative stream flow data from another site on the same water system.

The solicitation states that while proposals offering new and expanded facilities will be considered, existing generating facilities and upgrades will not be considered.

All proposals will be evaluated for technical capability, financial strength, previous experience, management skills, and other criteria to ensure that successful bidders will complete projects on time and on budget. Projects selected are expected to help the province reach a goal of doubling renewable energy supply by 2025.

Proposals are due Oct. 28 to BNY Trust Company of Canada, 4 King St. West, Suite 1101, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1B6 Canada. Information is available from the OPA generation procurement website, www.powerauthority.on.ca/gp. Successful projects are to be named in December.


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