Ontario conservancy to benefit from 5-MW McLeod

The newly commissioned 5-MW McLeod hydroelectric project on Ontario’s Moira River is expected to earn C$500,000 (US$399,000) per year that will help fund conservation programs and improvements to the region’s conservation areas.

The hydro project began commercial operation at the end of August, following final checks of electrical connections and equipment testing. The primary purpose of McLeod Dam, constructed in 1978, is flood and ice control.

Quinte Conservation, a conservation authority and community-based environmental protection agency in eastern Ontario, owns the C$4.5 million (US$3.6 million) hydro project in Belleville. (HNN 6/28/07)

McLeod is expected to generate 5 gigawatt-hours annually for sale to Ontario Power Authority under the utility’s Standard Offer Program. (HNN 8/29/07) The program provides C$0.11 (US$0.09) per kilowatt-hour for power produced at green energy projects.

Project construction began in July 2007, including modifications to the spillway of the existing dam and installation of gates. The gates, adjusted by an inflatable rubber bladder, impound water to a level that creates enough head to operate the turbines. That portion of the project was completed in October 2007.

Canadian Hydro Components installed two double-regulated Kaplan turbines and other equipment in late spring 2008. H.R. Doornekamp Ltd. was general contractor. Other contractors include: Hatch Energy (Acres), engineering; Obermeyer Hydro Inc., water control equipment; and Jack Alexander, electrical consultant. Corpfinance International Ltd. was responsible for project financing.

Quinte Conservation, which owns 36 dams, said it has identified three more of its dams as suitable for development of hydropower: Lott and Holgate dams, both on the Moira River; and Springside Dam, on the Napanee River.

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