OPT PB150 wave power device achieves Lloyd’s certification

Marine hydro developer Ocean Power Technologies Inc. has achieved an independent certification for its utility scale PowerBuoy, the PB150, by the internationally respected Lloyd’s Register, OPT announced.

The certificate from Lloyd’s Register confirms that the PB150 (150-kW) design complies with the requirements of Lloyd’s 1999 Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Floating Offshore Installations at a Fixed Location. This provides independent, third-party assurance on the design of the PB150 PowerBuoy for its intended use, as analyzed against international standards.

Ross Wigg, renewables leader at Lloyd’s Register, said: “Ocean Power Technologies is the first wave energy device developer that has approached Lloyd’s Register for its assurance services. Our extensive experience in the offshore energy sector is critical to the fast developing offshore renewable developments and our certification of the PowerBuoy is a significant step for Ocean Power Technologies’ product offering. It demonstrates their commitment to providing safe and efficient products to generate low-cost, clean energy.”

Wigg continued: “The process included detailed design analysis and appraisals, including the PB150’s structure, hydrodynamics, mooring and anchoring.”

The achievement of this certification for the PB150 PowerBuoy follows from the company’s successful installation in December 2009 of its PB40 PowerBuoy in Oahu, Hawaii and its connection to the grid. That project is part of OPT’s on-going program with the U.S. Navy to develop and test the PowerBuoy technology and has contributed to the roll-out of OPT’s next generation PB150 system for the electrical utility markets. The first PB150 device is currently being prepared for transit (subject to weather conditions) to a location off the coast of Inverness, Scotland for planned ocean testing.

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