Panama seeks to optimize hydro, thermal generation

Panama’s public service authority seeks bids from consultants to evaluate Panama’s power grid operating system and to help optimize the operation of its hydroelectric and thermal power plants. Bids are due August 5.

Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Publicos (Asep) said it will take requests for information and clarification until 4 p.m. July 29.

Panama’s Office of Rural Electrification recruited consultants in May to monitor implementation of its rural electrification program, which includes micro- and small hydropower.

Asep currently seeks a consultant to make a detailed assessment of Panama’s interconnected transmission system and its economic and technical effects on the wholesale electricity market. The consultant also is to assess optimization of water resources in relation to planning and operation of the grid, specifically involving economic dispatch of hydro and thermal power plants. The consultant is to analyze rules governing scheduling of generation and recommend adjustments.

The work is expected to take five months at a cost of US$125,000.

Tender documents may be obtained from the Asep Internet site,, under

Bids, in Spanish, are due by 4 p.m. August 5 to the address below. For information, contact, by 4 p.m. July 29, Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Publicos, Direccion Nacional de Electricidad, Agua Potable y Alcantarillado Sanitario, Attn: Jorge Diaz, Via Espana, Edificio Office Park, Primer Piso, Cuidad de Panama, Panama; (507) 508-4650; Fax: (507) 508-4619; E-mail:; Internet:

Asep: Eight new hydros to add 500 MW in 2011-2012

Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Publicos also announced that the completion of eight new hydroelectric projects in 2011-2012 should add about 500 MW to Panama’s power system.

It was recently reported Panama is developing 16 hydro projects with a total of investment of more than US$1 billion to satisfy domestic demand. Panama has installed capacity of 1,800 MW, with plans to expand to 3,000 MW by 2014.

Asep performs ongoing monitoring of power generation development to ensure that energy production will meet demand. It said six of the eight new hydro projects are in Chiriqui Province, one is in Bocas del Toro, and one is in Cocle.

It said the projects include 3.93-MW El Fraile, 56-MW Bajo de Mina, 150-MW Chan (Changuinola) 75, 85-MW Baitun, 26-MW Gualaca, 34.8-MW Lorena, 20-MW Pedregalito, and 57.4-MW Prudencia.

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