Perspectives: Total Hydro

Addressing the breadth of the hydro industry in its totality is quite a daunting task, and all the editors of the Hydro Group work to master this task every day.

Think about it. There are people reading this magazine who work on fish passage or environmental issues. Others are in charge of plant operations, or dam safety, or electrical equipment, or Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensing work. And then there are the hydro industry consulting companies, contractors, equipment suppliers … the list goes on.

HOW can we provide information that is valuable to all these varied segments of the hydro industry, through all of our channels for information delivery? The image below is a great illustration of these channels: Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines (on the desk), and and the HydroWorld Weekly enewsletter (on the computer monitor). Through these channels, readers can access a breadth of hydro information at their fingertips.

In addition, our HydroVision International event, this month in Minneapolis, is a prime example of how we work to cover the total hydro industry. This event has a robust conference program, with “tracks” on asset management, civil works and dam safety, marine hydrokinetic energy, new development, operations and maintenance, policies and regulation, and water resources. We also offer a technical papers “track” for those looking for more technical, in-depth information.

But HydroVision International only takes place once a year, so our other channels are your go-to resource for daily, weekly or monthly learning. Whether you’re reading our HydroWorld Weekly enewsletter or accessing the HydroWorld website, you can learn about environmental issues, policies and regulations, business and finance, dams and civil structures, technology and equipment, and much more (see the “topic centers” in the blue global navigation bar at the top of the website).

Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines provide this same breadth of coverage. This issue is a prime example. As you flip the pages, you’ll notice that the articles presented follow the same “tracks” as the educational information at HydroVision International. This is intentional, as it allows us to provide the same breadth of learning to our magazine readers, who may not be attending HydroVision International.

In its totality, the hydro industry is quite varied. We hope the content you find – through all our channels – is valuable for your unique needs.

Elizabeth Ingram
Managing Editor

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