Perspectives: Who Are You?

PennWell’s Hydro Group recently completed an insightful study of the demographic make-up of professionals working in the hydro sector.

This is a study about YOU and your colleagues … individuals who read Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines, visit the website, and attend the HydroVision events throughout the world (United States, Brazil, Russia and India).

You’ll find the results at

Based on these demographics, the hydro audience:

– Has great knowledge and experience … nearly 80% of you have more than 10 years of hydro industry-specific experience.

– Takes your work quite seriously and has major responsibilities at your respective hydro projects and companies.

– Makes lots of decisions … 2 of every 3 of you have some level of authority to purchase services and products.

Where do you get your information?

Besides Hydro Review, that is!

You love information … information to help you make responsible decisions, learn even more, and, ultimately, enhance your job performance.

– You get this information from a mix of media: magazines, web, e-mail, books, and each other!

– The No. 1 source for decision making is magazines, delivered both digitally and in print.

– A close second is the Internet. You are “power” user of … averaging 9 minutes per session – which is way above the industry average.

– You like the convenience and immediacy of information presented in digital form.

You’re connected!

These statistics tell it all:

Move over, tweeting teenagers! The hydro industry is “linked in!”

Speaking of LinkedIn, more than half of you use LinkedIn. So, log on and join the HydroWorld group, already more than 500 of you strong!

I’ll meet you there!

Top 10 Sources for Decision Making

Marla J. Barnes
Publisher and Chief Editor

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