Peru identifies 328 hydropower sites of 58,937 MW

Peru’s Ministerio de Energia y Minas (MEM) says it has identified sites for 328 potential hydroelectric projects totaling 58,937 MW.

Speaking at the first Congress on Biocombustibles and Renewable Energy, Juan Olazabal of MEM’s Direccion General de Electricidad, compared the hydropower potential to Peru’s existing installed capacity of 6,548 MW, 49 percent of which is hydropower and 51 percent thermal generation.

As reported by Peru agency Andina, Olazabal quoted figures from the Organizacion Latinoamericana de Energia saying Peru has the third greatest hydropower potential in Latin America, after Brazil with more than 140,000 MW and Colombia with more than 80,000 MW.

Hydro projects already being developed under definitive concessions are Quitaracsa and Centauro 1 and 2 in Ancash; 525-MW Cheves, 220-MW El Platanal (HNN 2/24/06), 86-MW Huanza, and Morro de Arica in Lima; La Virgen in Junin; 96-MW Maranon in Huanuco, Pias 1 in La Libertad; 10-MW Poechos 2 in Piura (HNN 3/12/07); and Pucara in Cusco.

Olazabal said MEM is preparing a portfolio of projects as part of a generation expansion plan by 2015, with the purpose of promoting new investments. In addition, meteorological and river flow measurement stations are to be rehabilitated and modernized.

MEM also is developing a master plan for rural electrification using hydroelectric and photovoltaic generation. (HNN 8/21/06) It also is preparing an atlas of small hydropower sites. Late last year, Peru recruited consultants to develop a small hydropower geographic information system (GIS) similar to that developed for the United States and one to be developed in Brazil. (HNN 12/11/06)

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