Peru to auction power from 12 hydro projects

Energy and Mines Minister Juan Valdivia announced the government of Peru will conduct an auction of electricity from about 12 hydroelectric projects that are in the construction stage.

Peru’s government-owned news agency, Andina, quoted Valdivia saying Peru’s private investment agency, Agencia de Promocion de la Inversion Privada (ProInversion), agreed to the auction to help guarantee that construction of the small and medium-sized hydro plants will be completed.

Valdivia said September 9 the projects, which total about 1,500 MW, have completed their definitive studies, but are facing financing problems. He said ProInversion officials were developing bidding rules for the power auction and that details were not available.

�We think that this process will involve the future purchase of 1,500 MW that would be taking place as of 2013 because the hydroelectric power stations have a term of construction and what we want is to assure that investment,� the minister said.

The auction also is intended to help make viable the beginning of operation of several mining projects that require assured sources of electricity, Valdivia said.

ProInversion said September 2 that 15 hydropower projects totaling 19,285 MW also are being prepared for investment offerings. (HNN 9/5/08)

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