Peru’s 15.2-MW Poechos wins carbon credit approval

The United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) agency has approved an application by Peru’s 15.2-MW Poechos hydroelectric project to sell carbon emissions credits.

The Executive Board of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change issued a registration February 1 for the project, built at the toe of the existing Poechos irrigation dam in Piura District, 30 kilometers from the Ecuador border.

The project, developed and operated by Sindicato Energetico S.A. (SINERSA), a Peruvian private company, is to cut fossil fuel use by thermal power plants and is projected to avoid carbon dioxide emissions by 31,463 tons per year. Acting on behalf of the Netherlands Clean Development Mechanism Facility, the World Bank is to buy the carbon emissions credits for the Netherlands.

A report on the project said the emissions reductions were unlikely to occur in Peru without the project activity because Peru’s national policies currently are fostering development of natural gas-fired power plants using domestic gas sources.

In 2002, the Inter-American Investment Corp. and the Corporacion Interamericana para el Financiamiento de la Infraestructura approved an US$8.5 million loan to SINERSA to build and operate the project. Dependent upon irrigation flows to operate turbines, the project is expected to generate 57,740 MWh per year.

The plant includes a steel penstock connected to an existing discharge pipe at the base of the dam, a powerhouse with two 7.6-MW Kaplan turbine-generators, a switchyard, and a 35-kilometer transmission line. Power is to be sold to Electronoroeste S.A.

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