Piedmont Hydro Technologies commissions energy recovery system for Ohio water pollution control facility

Piedmont Hydro Technologies LLC, a North-Carolina based manufacturer of control systems for small hydropower applications, announced it has commissioned equipment for a 10-kW wastewater energy recovery system at the Warren, Ohio, water pollution control facility.

Piedmont supplied the induction generator, control and protection system, switchgear and auxiliaries. The James Leffel and Co. supplied a Francis turbine. The general contractor was Shook Construction Inc.

Treated municipal wastewater, which flowed from a de-chlorination tank over a weir, now operates the turbine that uses all flow up to 15 million gallons per day. The generator operates in parallel with grid power and reduces the electrical usage of the facility.

The generator, mechanical and electrical systems were designed in close cooperation between Piedmont and Leffel, resulting in an integrated, water-to-wire solution. The digital controls provide fully-automatic operation and a color touch panel user interface for the plant operator. 

The project was funded by the ARRA through the Ohio EPA Water Pollution Control Loan Fund.

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