Plan Nord development project in Quebec to include hydro development

The government of Quebec has launched a multi-billion-dollar plan that would open the northern reaches of the province to mining and energy development, including hydropower development.

Through ‘Plan Nord’ Quebec intends to attract investments of C$47 billion over the next 25 years for the development of renewable energy as part of a project to boost economic development in the northern territories.

Plan Nord would open what is largely an untouched region to mining development to take advantage of its economic potential. The plan includes investments of C$33 billion in mining and transport infrastructure and the development of 3,500 MW of renewable energy, media reports indicate.

Under the plan, an estimated 2,000 MW of hydropower resources will be developed, media reported.

The environmental aspects of the plan include the promise to set aside 600,000 square kilometers of the region to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity.

Plan Nord covers a 1.2-million-square-kilometre region.

The plan sets aside C$2.1 billion with instructions to establish an investment fund that could potentially reach C$80 billion.The proposed project includes strict regulations for industrial activity in what is otherwise a wilderness area home to about 120,000 people, reports indicate.

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