Portugal offers concessions to develop 19 small hydro sites

Portuguese river basin management agencies seek bids for concessions to build and operate 19 small hydroelectric projects in Portugal totaling 128 MW. Bids in 19 separate solicitations are due November 23.

The concessions are offered by Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Centro of Coimbra, Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Tejo of Lisbon, and Administracao da Regiao do Norte of Porto. Previously, Portugal’s water agency, Instituto da Agua, has tendered concessions for larger hydroelectric projects to maximize the nation’s hydropower production.

The concessions allow capture of public water for hydropower production as well as the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water infrastructure, and authorization to supply spare capacity to the utility grid. They also allow construction of a hydro plant or plants within specific geographic coordinates of certain river reaches identified by lot numbers.

In separate solicitations, Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Centro seeks bids for eight lots:
o Lot 1C, 9 MW, Mondego River in Penacova and Vila Nova de Poiares, Coimbra District;
o Lot 2C, 2 MW, Alva River in Arganil and Tabua, Coimbra District;
o Lot 3C, 7 MW, Dinha River and Asnes and Sasse creeks in Tondela and Viseu, Viseu District;
o Lot 4C, 1 MW, Criz River in Tondela, Viseu District;
o Lot 5C, 1 MW, Alfusqueiro River in Oliveira de Frades, Viseu District;
o Lot 6C, 4 MW, Troco River in St. Pedro do Sul and Vouzela, Viseu District;
o Lot 7C, 3 MW, Aroes River in Sever do Vouga, Aveiro District;
o Lot 8C, 2 MW, Mel River in Castro Daire, Viseu District.

In separate solicitations, Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Tejo seeks bids for nine lots:
o Lot 1T, 6 MW, Zezere River in Abrantes, Tomar, and Vila Nova da Barquinha, Santarem District;
o Lot 2T, 7 MW, Alge and Boleo creeks in Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria District;
o Lot 3T, 7 MW, Paul Creek in Covilha, Castelo Branco District;
o Lot 4T, 10 MW, Zezere River and Souto Creek in Covilha, Fundao, and Oleiros, Castelo Branco District, and Pampilhosa da Serra, Coimbra District;
o Lot 5T, 16 MW, Frades and Mega creeks in Gois, Coimbra District, and Castanheira de Pera and Pedrogao o Grande, Leiria District;
o Lot 6T, 3 MW, Bostelim and Isna creeks in Serta and Vila de Rei, Castelo Branco District;
o Lot 7T, 1 MW, Bezelga Creek in Torres Novas and Ourem, Santarem District;
o Lot 8T, 10 MW, Tejo River in Abrantes, Santarem District;
o Lot 9T, 7 MW, Ocreza River and Alvito Creek in Castelo Branco, Proenca-a-Nova, and Vila Velha de Rodao, Castelo Branco District.

In separate solicitations, Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Norte seeks bids for two lots:
o Lot 1N, 15 MW, Rabacal and Calvo rivers in Vinhais, Valpacos, and Mirandela;
o Lot 2N, 17 MW, Tuela and Macedo rivers in Vinhais, Macedo de Cavaleiros, and Mirandela.

Solicitation documents for each lot may be obtained from the respective agencies, at the addresses below, for 2,000 euros (US$2,793) by bank transfer in favor of the agency.

Bids, in Portuguese, are due to the respective agencies by 11:59 p.m. November 23. For information, contact:
o Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Centro IP, Edificio “Fabrica dos Mirandas,” Avenida Cidade Aeminium, Departamento de Recursos Hidricos do Interior, Attn.: Engenheiro Nuno Bravo, 3000-429 Coimbra, Portugal; (351) 239850200; Fax: (351) 239850250; E-mail: geral@arhcentro.pt; Internet: www.arhcentro.pt;
o Administracao da Regiao Hidrografica do Tejo IP, R. Braamcamp 7, 1250-048 Lisbon, Portugal; (351) 211554802-0001; Fax: (351) 211554809-0001; E-mail: geral@arhtejo.pt; Internet: www.arhtejo.pt;
o Administracao da Regiao do Norte IP, R. Formosa, No. 254, 4049-030 Porto, Portugal; (351) 223400000; Fax: (351) 223400010; E-mail: contratos@arhnorte.pt; Internet: www.arhnorte.pt.

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