Rehab funds proposed for six units of Venezuela’s 10,300-MW Simon Bolivar

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has begun consideration of funding to rehabilitate six turbine-generators of the 10,300-MW Simon Bolivar hydroelectric project on Venezuela’s Caroni River.

Utility CVG Electrificacion del Caroni (Edelca) awarded a 31 million euro (US$41.4 million) contract in 2009 to Alstom Hydro for refurbishment of five generators of Simon Bolivar, the former Raul Leoni or Guri hydro project. (HydroWorld 5/8/09) The contract was part of a modernization program to extend the project’s life by 30 years. (Hydro Review May 2007)

The latest IADB funding proposal, now in the preparation stage, calls for a loan of US$700 million to go toward the US$1.028 billion rehabilitation of six turbine-generators. IADB lent US$14 million to the government of Venezuela in 2008 to help enhance the hydroelectric potential of the Caroni River watershed, the location of four major hydro projects, including Simon Bolivar. (HydroWorld 1/16/09)

No further details were released on the schedule of loan consideration or tendering.

For information, contact CVG Electrificacion del Caroni (Edelca), Departamento de Contrataciones Guayana, Calle Caruachi cruce con calle Aro, Edif. EDELCA, Piso 6, Alta Vista, Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela; (58) 286-9633132; Fax: (58) 286-9634101; Internet:

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