Repack-S announces joint sealing system with hydro mechanical applications

Hydro mechanical parts manufacturer Repack-S has announced a new on-site joint sealing system for large hydropower equipment.

Called “OSIS”, it uses a polyurethane rubber injection system to join spliced seals on large hydropower equipment.

The company notes that many hydropower turbines and ancillary equipment are fitted with large seals exceeding 2,000mm in diameter when built, and that they are often replaced by split seals to avoid dismantling.

Repack-S said current seal joining techniques can create a loss in mechanical strength compared to original seals, but that its OSIS system uses “advanced polyurethane compounds, precise injection metering and real-time controlling” to create a “homogenous joint, as well as a perfectly continuous seal profile”.

The OSIS system is patented and also includes the industry’s smallest PLC-controlled injection press, allowing for maximum portability, Repack-S said.

The Cuisery, France-based company also specializes in the design and manufacturer of composite seals and self-lubricated guiding systems with applications in large offset butterfly and spherical valves, wicket gate assemblies, and Kaplan and bulb turbine runner blades.

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