Repairs to Nepal’s 10-MW Sunkoshi hydropower plant estimated at more than US$2.4 million

Repairs to the Nepal Electricity Authority’s 10-MW Sunkoshi hydropower plant are estimated at about US$2.44 million following a landslide that damaged the project last August.

According to a joint statement issued by Nepalese agencies earlier this week, two of the dam’s 10 iron gates were completely destroyed by the landslide, while turbines, generators and other equipment was also affected.

Local media reported last year that the landslides blocked most of Sunkoshi Dam’s gates, leading to concern that the structure might be overtopped. Power generation resumed about 40 days after the landslide, though the plant is still operating at only about 60% of its normal capacity.

NEA said it will expedite repairs to the project in anticipation of the region’s rainy season.

The Sunkoshi hydropower project is located in Nepal’s northeastern Sindhupalchowk district. The plant was built in 1972 as a gift to Nepal from China.

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