Replacement unit installed at Germany’s 144.3-MW Waldeck 1

Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation is in the process of installing a 74.3-MW replacement turbine in Germany’s Waldeck 1 pumped-storage project, which will total 144.3-MW upon completion of the work.

E.ON Wasserkraft awarded a 40 million euro (US$47.5 million) contract in 2006 to a consortium of Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation and Bilfinger Berger of Germany to modernize the 140-MW Waldeck 1 on the Eder River in Germany’s Hesse State. (HNN 2/27/06)

Voith Siemens is supplying the new reversible pump-turbine, with motor-generator, shut-off valves, start-up converter, transformer, and process control. The unit replaces two of the four 35-MW units at Waldeck 1.

�Weighing eight tons and having a diameter of 2.85 meters, the runner is relatively small in size,� Voith Siemens site supervisor Herbert Mildner said. �Yet, regardless its size, the last meters of the lowering are always extremely fine handiwork.�

Bilfinger Berger is building a new complex adjoining the Waldeck 1 station, in operation since 1932 on Lake Edersee.

�A new pit-type power station was built for the new pumped-storage unit since the design of such units has changed quite a bit since then,� Project Manager Frank Felber said. �Two of the old machines will remain in place unchanged in order to provide so-called tertiary control.�

The modernized project is to return to service in early 2009.

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