ResHydro wins Scottish grant for tidal technology development

Tidal technology developer ResHydro will use a US$153,000 grant from Scottish Enterprise to establish a research operation in Glasgow.

The New York-based company won the award as part of Scottish Enterprise’s SMART: SCOTLAND program, which is designed to help small and medium enterprises develop projects with a commercial endpoint.

ResHydro will conduct its research in partnership with the University of Strathclyde, the company said.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to open our Scottish subsidiary where we will have access to significant technical expertise and where market conditions will contribute to the most expeditious commercialization of our technology,” ResHydro CEO Samuel Lewinter said.

The company’s current work focuses on what it calls its “hydrofoil cascade resonator” (HCR) which, unlike many forms of hydrokinetic generation, doesn’t rely on waves or tides to turn a turbine generator.

Rather, ResHydro’s HCR system uses water flows to cause a set of vertical hydrofoils to oscillate. The company calls the resulting motion “flutter”, and it is this translational movement that is then converted into energy.

Scotland’s commitment to (developing its ocean power resources makes the partnership a good fit, according to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

“We have astounding green energy potential, and this government has a responsibility to make sure Scotland capitalizes on the vast economic opportunities the industry presents,” Salmond said.

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