Reunion Island seeks to link irrigation systems, add hydropower

The government of Reunion Island, a French overseas department off the east coast of Africa, seeks bids for engineering services to manage interconnection of two irrigation networks and to add hydroelectric turbines to the system. Bids are due October 29.

Reunion took bids in 2012 to build and operate three small hydro projects on the island’s irrigation system. Electricite de France awarded a contract to Alstom Hydro in 2008 to supply a turbine-generator and other equipment to expand the 60-MW Riviere de l’Est hydroelectric project on Reunion Island.

In the current solicitation, the government of Departement de la Reunion seeks engineering services to manage interconnection of the west coast irrigation network with the irrigation network of the Cilaos Arm of the Saint-Etienne River. The work is to include integration of hydroelectric turbines to utilize the systems’ waterpower. Bidders’ experience is to include work with microhydro plants greater than 100 kW.

The work is expected to require 48 months at an estimated cost of 350,000 euros (US$393,783).

Tender documents may be obtained from the address below. Bids, in French, are due by 3 p.m. October 29. For information, contact Dindar Nassimah, President du Conseil Departemental, Departement de la Reunion, Direction des Achats et de la Commande Publique, 31 rue de Paris, 97400 Saint-Denis Cedex, France; (262) 262586670; Fax: (262) 262586689; E-mail:; Internet:;

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