Russia brings final unit of 2,000-MW Bureyskaya on line

The sixth and final 335-MW turbine-generator was brought on line October 20 at the 2,000-MW Bureyskaya hydroelectric project in Russia’s Amurskaya Region.

The unit was launched in a ceremony attended by national utility and government officials. Russian equipment manufacturer OJSC Power Machines delivered the 102-ton unit in July to the project site on the Amur River in Russia’s Far East. (HNN 8/10/07)

Bureyskaya’s fifth unit went on line June 26. At that time, Chief Executive Anatoly Chubais of Russian utility Unified Energy Systems (UES) the project’s completion date was moved up to 2008 from an original 2009 date. (HNN 6/29/07)

Construction investment has exceeded 10 billion rubles (US$402 million), not counting reservoir bed development funded by federal authorities, UES said. Since its first units began operating in 2003, the project has generated more than 8.5 billion kWh, avoiding more than 8 million tons of coal and fuel oil generation.

In 2008, the dam is expected to be raised to design elevation and two temporary turbine runners in the first two units will be replaced with permanent runners, increasing their combined capacity by 300 MW.

Work on Bureyskaya began in the early 1980s but was suspended in the 1990s due to insufficient funding. In 2000, Chubais issued an order to include the project in the UES investment program as a top priority. In 2006, project management was transferred to HydroOGK, the giant hydropower generating company being spun off from UES. (HNN 7/30/07)

In an addition to the hydro complex, HydroOGK plans to accelerate construction of the 321-MW Nizhnebureyskaya hydro project, which will become a reregulating facility for Bureyskaya. (HNN 4/25/07) Nizhnebureyskaya’s feasibility study is to be ready in second quarter of 2008.


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