Russia commissions unit of 400-MW Irganayskaya

Russian officials have commissioned a third unit of the 400-MW Irganayskaya hydroelectric project on the Avarskoe Koisu River in Dagestan Republic.

Addition of the 146-MW unit brings current capacity of the project to 360 MW. Work continues to fill the reservoir and to bring the station to its design capacity of 400 MW.

Construction of Irganayskaya began in 1981, but was suspended in the 1990s due to lack of finance. The project was revived and included in the investment program of utility monopoly Unified Energy Systems (UES). (HNN 8/9/06)
The first unit was brought on line in 1998, followed by a second in 2001.

In 2006, investments in Irganayskaya by UES hydropower subsidiary HydroOGK amounted to 2.7 billion rubles (US$101 million).

As part of a program to expand Dagestan’s hydropower resources, HydrOGK also has adopted resolutions to resume construction of the 100-MW Gotsatlinskaya hydroelectric project. Construction of that project was carried out from 1991-1995, but was suspended. By the end of 2006, HydroOGK will allocate more than 240 million rubles (US$9 million) to finance resumption of work at Gotsatlinskaya.

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