Russia’s HydroOGK to seek equipment to refurbish 10,000-MW Volga-Kama

Russian hydropower company HydroOGK plans to seek bids for turbine-generators and switchgear for rehabilitation of hydropower plants of the 10,000-MW Volga-Kama hydropower cascade.

With 6.3 billion rubles (US$233.5 million) in funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), HydroOGK plans to pre-qualify companies to supply goods and services. (HNN 8/29/06)

HydroOGK plans to pre-qualify bidders for:
o Supply and replacement of turbine-generator equipment of the 458-MW Kamskaya, 1,360-MW Saratovskaya, 2,541-MW Volzhskaya, 2,300-MW Zhigulevskaya, and the Cascade of VV hydropower plants; and
o Reconstruction of outdoor switchgear at Volzhskaya and 1,020-MW Votkinskaya.

Pre-qualification is to be carried out under EBRD guidelines.

For information, contact Timohin Alexey, Head, Department for Maintenance, Refurbishment, and Reconstruction Realization, HydroOGK, (7) 495-5403012; Fax: (7) 495-5403014; E-mail:

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