San Diego Gas and Electric seeks hydro, ocean among renewables

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. invites proposals to supply renewable energy, including some hydropower and ocean energy, to meet its obligation under the California Renewables Portfolio Standard. Offers are due Aug. 25 or Sept. 8, 2009, based on project location.

SDGE said the request for offers is part of an ongoing effort to meet California’s mandate that 20 percent of the utility’s energy must come from renewables starting in 2010. (HydroWorld 11/19/08)

Resources must meet California Renewables Portfolio Standard eligibility criteria. Eligible facilities include hydroelectric plants of 30 MW or less, conduit hydroelectric facilities, incremental hydro generation from efficiency improvements, and facilities powered by ocean waves or tidal current. Specifics about eligibility are in the California Energy Commission’s “Renewables Portfolio Standard Eligibility” guidebook,

SDGE said it seeks power purchase agreements, power purchase agreements with buyout, and turnkey projects. (HydroWorld 3/14/08) Proposed resources can include capacity and energy from: repowering of existing facilities; incremental capacity upgrades of existing facilities; new facilities; and existing facilities with expiring contracts.

Similar to a renewables solicitation by Southern California Edison (HydroWorld 7/1/09), SDGE established special procedures to highlight unique opportunities created by construction of the Sunrise Powerlink transmission project from the Imperial Valley. SDGE scheduled a bidders conference Aug. 5 in San Diego and a separate Aug. 12 bidders conference at El Centro, Calif., for bidders in what it labeled the SPL Region. Participants for either conference must register by July 31.

The solicitation and associated documents can be obtained from the utility’s Internet site, Those intending to bid must register by Aug. 21 by e-mail to to receive authorization to submit electronic offers.

Offers must be received on the Internet site by noon Aug. 25 from bidders outside the SPL Region and by noon Sept. 8 from bidders inside the SPL Region. Bidders must submit original signed offers by Aug. 27 for projects outside SPL and by Sept. 10 for projects inside SPL. SDGE plans to notify short-listed respondents Oct.30 and file a final list Nov. 23.

Separate SDGE solicitation includes renewables

SDGE issued a separate solicitation in June seeking proposals for demand response programs and supply resources to support reliability in its service territory. Although all resources are welcome to bid in that solicitation, SDGE encouraged renewable resources to participate in the renewables-only solicitation.

Information on that solicitation may be obtained from the Internet at A pre-bid conference is set July 8, registration is by Aug. 5, and bids are due Aug. 10.

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