Sea Power readies wave energy unit for testing off Irish coast

Irish wave energy company Sea Power is set to begin quarter-scale testing at the Galway Bay Marine & Renewable Energy Test Site, marking the first time it will be deployed in an open sea condition.

The device has been in development over the past eight years with grant support from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, which, alongside Ireland’s Marine Institute, are hoping to put the country at the forefront of the marine hydrokinetics industry.

“Sea Power is a great example of an indigenous Irish company developing novel technology to harness the power of the ocean,” Marine Institute CEO Peter Heffernan said. “Having brought their device through various small scale prototypes, it is exciting to see this new technology being prepared for testing in the sea at quarter scale.”

Sea Power adds to a growing number of Irish companies making headway into the MHK sector, with Ocean Energy having deployed a test unit at Galway Bay and OpenHydro deploying two turbines in France in recent months.

“Ocean energy is an emerging sector for Ireland, offering huge potential in job creation and energy security,” SEAI chief executive Jim Gannon said. “Developing our sustainable energy resources allows us to move away from our reliance on imported fossil fuels, which cost our economy billions of euros a year.”

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