Senegal River agency seeks basin mapping

The multi-nation Senegal River management agency invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform mapping of the Senegal River Basin, noting features including sites of future hydraulic works. Responses are due June 25.

The World Bank and the Netherlands have provided Global Environment Facility funds to Senegal, Guinea, Mali, and Mauritania, which comprise the river management agency, Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal (OMVS), for management of water and environment of the Senegal Basin. OMVS is developing hydro projects and recruiting consultants to carry out integrated basin management. (HNN 12/14/06)

OMVS seeks consultants to prepare maps of the state of the basin environment, occupation of the region, sites of future potential construction of hydraulic works, and maps of uses of water, including agriculture, drinking water, navigation, hydropower, and wetlands.

Information may be obtained from the addresses below. Expressions of interest and qualifications, labeled “Manifestation d’interet pour l’elaboration de documents cartographiques de base et d’occupation des sols pour l’etat environnemental du bassin du fleuve Senegal� are due to the addresses below by 10 a.m. June 25.

For information, contact:
o Haut Commissariat de l’OMVS, 46 Rue Carnot, BP 3152, Dakar, Senegal; (221) 823-4530; Fax: (221) 822-0163; E-mail:; Internet:,;
o Cellule Nationale OMVS de Guinee (Ministere de l’Hydraulique et de l’Energie), (224) 60-293291, E-mail:;
o Cellule National OMVS, BP E 2618 Zone Industrielle, Bamako, Mali; (223) 221-0574; Fax: (223) 221-6281; E-mail:;
o Cellule Nationale OMVS de la Mauritanie, BP 355, Mauritanie, Nouakchot; Tel/Fax: (222) 525-8442; E-mail:;
o Cellule Nationale OMVS, Senegal a Dakar, 59, Mermoz Extension sur la VDN pres AFRICATEL AVS, BP 4021; Tel/Fax: (221) 864-2796; E-mail:

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