Senegal River agency seeks dam safety, environmental panel

The multi-nation Senegal River management agency invites expressions of interest from consultants to serve on an expert panel on dam safety monitoring and environmental and social management in the Senegal Basin. Responses are due December 22.

The Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal (OMVS) includes Senegal, Guinea, Mali, and Mauritania. The World Bank earlier this year used the hydropower-rich Senegal River Basin as an example of the benefits of international cooperation on transboundary rivers.

OMVS recruited consultants in 2012 to study development of a communication and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and to evaluate options for hydroelectric development and water resources, and took bids to manage the 250-MW Manantali and 63-MW Felou hydroelectric projects in Mali.

The agency now seeks expressions of interest from consultants to form an expert panel of five members for monitoring of dam safety and environmental and social management. The panel would include a civil engineering hydrotechnical dam expert, a hydraulics expert, a geotechnical expert, an electro-mechanical expert and an environmental and social expert for a four-year assignment.

Expressions of interest, in French, are due by 4 p.m. December 22 to the first address below. For information, contact:

  • Haut Commissariat de l’OMVS, Rocade Fann Bel Air Cerf Volant, BP 3152 Dakar, Senegal; (221) 33-8598181; Fax: (221) 33-8640163; E-mail:,;
  • Direction Generale de la SOGED, BP 5048, Nouakchott, Mauritania; (222) 45242458; Fax: (222) 45244535; E-mail:

Expressions of interest invited for other Senegal Basin work

OMVS plans to seek bids for a lengthy list of other work under its program of integrated management of Senegal Basin water resources, Projet de Gestion Integree des Ressources en Eau et de Developpement des Usages a Buts Multiples dans le Bassin du Fleuve Senegal (PGIRE 2).

A few of the tasks to be solicited include:

  • acquisition of spare parts and maintenance equipment and renovation of cathodic protection devices on gates of Diama Dam, which aids irrigation and prevents intrusion of the Atlantic Ocean into the Senegal River;
  • completion of an environmental and social impact study of the 280-MW Koukoutamba hydro project on the Bafing River in Guinea;
  • completion of studies of Balassa Dam in Guinea;
  • study of three micro-hydropower plants in the Senegal Basin in Guinea; and
  • installation of hydrometric stations in the Senegal Basin.

For information or to be placed on a list for tender invitations, firms are invited to contact Haut Commissariat de l’OMVS, Rocade Fann Bel Air Cerf Volant, BP 3152 Dakar, Senegal; (221) 33-8598181; Fax: (221) 33-8640163; E-mail:,

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