Senegal seeks consultants to advance small hydro, tidal power

The government of Senegal invites expressions of interest from consultants to study integration of renewable energy into Senegal’s power system, including small hydro and tidal power projects. Responses are due September 25.

The World Bank’s International Development Association has provided funding to Senegal to address power shortages by extending electrical service to rural areas and by developing new generation capacity. Government utility Societe National d’Electricite (Senelec) previously recruited consultants to assist in improvements to the power sector. Senegal also is a member of the three-nation Senegal River development organization that is promoting several hydroelectric projects on the Senegal River.

Senelec now seeks consultants for a strategic study of the integration of renewable energy in the nation’s energy mix and development of an implementation strategy. Work is to include an inventory of projects undertaken by private developers and those under discussion. Renewable resources include small hydropower, tidal power, biomass, and wind.

The work is to be performed from March-June 2014.

Expressions of interest are due by 9:30 a.m. September 25 to SENELEC, Secretariat, Direction des Affaires Juridiques et de la Passation des Marches, 28, rue Vincens Dakar, 5eme etage, BP 93, Dakar Senegal; (221) 338393018; Fax: (221) 338236180; E-mail: For information, contact SENELEC, Secretariat du Departement Approvisionnements, 28 rue Vincens, BP 93, Dakar, Senegal; (221) 338393292; Fax: (221) 338237272; E-mail:


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