Six more Brascan projects win carbon credit approval in Brazil

The United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) agency has approved applications by Brascan Energetica S.A. for sale of carbon emissions credits by six more small hydroelectric projects in Brazil totaling 128.42 MW.

The Executive Board of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change issued registrations March 29 for:
o 30-MW Passo do Meio on Rio das Antas River in Rio Grande do Sul State;
o 15.12-MW Salto Natal on Mourao River in Parana State;
o 16.2-MW Pedrinho 1 on Pedrinho River in Parana;
o 15.8-MW Granada (also called Tulio Cordeiro de Mello) on the Matipo River in Minas Gerais State;
o 24.3-MW Ponte (also called Ivan Botelho 1) on the Pomba River in Minas Gerais; and
o 27-MW Salto Corgao on Corgao River in Mato Grosso State.

The projects are to cut fossil fuel use by thermal power plants and are projected to avoid carbon dioxide emissions totaling 156,110 metric tons per year. Reports on the projects said the emissions reductions were unlikely to occur without the hydro project activity. The Netherlands is a project participant as emissions reduction purchaser.

On March 5, the CDM agency approved applications by Brascan for sale of carbon emissions for four small hydro projects in Minas Gerais: 9-MW Nova Sinceridade on the Manhuacu River; 12.4-MW Palestina on the Pomba River; 22.7-MW Cachoeira Encoberta on the Gloria River; and 24.4-MW Triunfo on the Pomba River. (HNN 3/7/07)

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