Studies sought of 145-MW Ruzizi 3 grid link, rehab of 73.6-MW Ruzizi 1, 2

BUJUMBURA, Burundi 12/6/11 (PennWell) — The European Union (EU) invites applications for pre-qualification to perform studies of a grid system for the proposed 145-MW Ruzizi 3 hydroelectric project as well as rehabilitation studies for 29.8-MW Ruzizi 1 and 43.8-MW Ruzizi 2 in East Africa. Responses are due December 16.

The energy agency of the Great Lakes countries, Energie des Grands Lacs (EGL), recruited developer-investors in February to build Ruzizi 3 on the Ruzizi River between Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda. The project is to provide electricity to DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi under concession contracts of at least 20 years.

On behalf of one of the beneficiary countries, Burundi, the EU now invites pre-qualification for consulting work with a budget of 1.5 million euros (US$2 million). The European Investment Bank confirmed earlier this year that it would work closely with financial preparation of Ruzizi 3.

EU offers two lots to a single consulting firm:
o Lot 1: feasibility, detailed engineering, and preparation of tender documents for construction of a 220-kilovolt substation in Kamanyola, DRC; construction of a 10-kilometer, 220-kV power line linking Ruzizi 3 to the Kamanyola station; construction of a 105-kilometer, 220-kV line from Kamanyola to Kibuye, Rwanda; a regional control center in Kamanyola; and a hydraulic control center for the Ruzizi Cascade of three or four hydro projects; and
o Lot 2: detailed surveys of hydroelectric structures of Ruzizi 1 and Ruzizi 2, defining necessary rehabilitation measures and determining additional monitoring equipment to be set up.

Existing projects on the Ruzizi are Ruzizi 1, operated by the DRC’s Societe Nationale d’Electricite (SNEL), and Ruzizi 2, operated by DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi’s SINELAC. A pre-feasibility study recently also has been performed for a 287-MW Ruzizi 4 project.

Applications for pre-qualification, in French, are to be submitted by mail or hand delivered to the address below using a standard application form available on the EU’s Internet site at EU plans to invite a shortlist of four to eight firms to submit tenders on about January 9, 2012.

Applications for pre-qualification are due by 1 p.m. December 16. The envelope is to be marked “EDF – Feasibility studies, detailed preliminary study and drafting of invitation to tender documents for the power lines and stations for dissipating electrical energy produced by the Ruzizi III power station, and detailed surveys of the hydroelectric development structures of Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II, EuropeAid/132067/C/SER/BI.”

For information, contact Delegation of the European Union in Rwanda, Ioannis Tzartzas, Infrastructure Section, 1807 Boulevard de l’Umuganda (Aurore Building), Kacyiru, P.O. Box 515, Kigali, Rwanda; (250) 252585740; Internet:


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Studies sought of Mexico small hydro sites

The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform pre-feasibility studies of small hydropower sites in Mexico. Responses are due September 30, 2009.

The bank seeks a study that utilizes existing small and mini-hydropower identification studies to conduct pre-feasibility analyses of a few pilot sites. The intended audience for the study includes potential developers and investors in mini-hydro projects. Data is to be available to public and private developers.

Work is to include a review of existing projects identified by national utility Comision Federal de Electricidad, selection of candidate pilot projects, and performance of pre-feasibility studies and environmental assessments of the identified projects. The work is expected to require four to five person-months.

Expressions of interest and qualifications, in English, are to be submitted by September 30, electronically via the World Bank Group eConsultant Internet site, Short-listed firms are to be invited to submit bids.

For information, contact Ariel Yepez-Garcia, World Bank, Washington, DC USA; (1) 202-473-0468; E-mail: