Study to seeks effects of Nepal micro-hydro, rural energy

The World Bank invites expressions of interest from consultants to study social effects of rural energy services in Nepal, including evidence on load growth in communities served by micro-hydropower projects. Responses are due June 10.

The bank seeks to improve understanding of developmental and poverty reduction effects of rural electrification particularly using alternative energy sources in remote areas of Nepal.

The study is to: quantify effects to establish causality; collect evidence on load growth in micro-hydro communities to establish future investment needs; and develop institutional capacity to manage results on a systematic basis and to organize alternative energy projects in rural communities.

Expressions of interest and qualifications are to be submitted electronically via the World Bank’s eConsult Internet site,, by June 10.

For information, contact Economist Sudeshna Banerjee, World Bank, Washington, DC, USA; (1) 202-458-4150; E-mail:

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