Sudan revives plan to develop 750-MW Nimule

The government of the Sudan has commissioned a study to update information on a 30-year-old proposal to build the 750-MW Nimule hydroelectric project on the Nile River near the Uganda border.

Kenya’s East African newspaper quoted Sudan Minister of Energy and Water Resources Mayome Kuoc Malek saying the study is to update data collected in the 1970s, including economic feasibility, effect on the environment, and water flows at the Nimule site.

Although Nimule was studied between 1972 and 1974, the government was unable to obtain funding at that time because potential investors saw no need for such a large project.

Malek said the project now would supply southern Sudan where peace is returning after 20 years of civil war. The project also would include a transmission line enabling power sales to Kenya and Uganda, which are experiencing electricity shortages.

The minister said Sudan has approached the multi-nation Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) for possible support of the project. NBI has been active in supporting Nile Basin studies and hydropower development, including the 61.5-MW Rusumo Falls project in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. (HNN 3/12/08)

NBI’s Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) last year identified projects to �scale up� cooperative investments in the NELSAP power program. Among the projects, it recommended pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of two in the Bahr el Jebel sub-basin in Sudan, the 720-MW Fula 1 hydroelectric project, 34 kilometers downstream from Nimule, and the 540-MW Fula 2 project, another five kilometers downstream.

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